Just Words
Past tense

If only I could write how I feel but my tongue’s tied up in a reel of the fine print of a promise to myself, that I’d never need help, that I’d never look back at the life that I left, I look over my right shoulder and I’m left bereft of my senses, the glimmer and glare of a friendship so rare and I wonder if I dare reconsider…

I’m too tired to live and I’m too afraid to die so now I’m torn between suffering and suicide.

Dance Practice

I lay a hand on my pillow and reminisce about that little dance,

that little trance you put me in,

and now my fingers feel arthritic,

tripping over themselves in an arhythmic way they practice hard for the day

when maybe they can once again take center stage in your range of vision,

performing a ballet strictly based on the outline of your body

and a contemporary piece on your contours,

dancing hard that they might be showered in the deafening roar of your silent smiles of approval.

I wish I were strong enough to be fragile for you

Did you miss me?

… No, probably not. =P


I’ll find my muse in your absence, my solace in your silence, you know they say to cut your losses but I’ll celebrate this minus - as a plus, it’s finally the end of the two of us.

Bugs keep committing suicide on my windshield >.<

"meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder."

More than half of my class is absent today. It’s No fair.

I have a great idea

I want to write this short story and I had a great idea but I can’t think of how to begin